New “Conference Sign-Up” Instructions
Conferences – November 25 and 26

Go Online or Use Your Cell Phone


Step 1: Sign In

Go to the Conference Booking page and sign in

Step 2: Book Conference (One booking per child)

  1. Scroll down the list and select your child’s teacher.
  2. Select the conference date you would like
    Monday, November 25  or Tuesday, November 26
  3. Select the time*
  4. Enter Your Information
    • Your Name (required)
    •  Email (required) You will receive email conformation
    •  Phone
    • Student Name
  5.  Select “Book”
  6. Return to top of Step 2 and repeat for each child.


  •  If you have more than one child, look for available adjoining times before booking.
  •  Sign up early.
  •  Schedule conference times during the day if possible. Save evening times for working families
  •  If you have problems using on-line sign up, call the school for help.

Once you have added all children, you are done! See you at conferences.

Thank you for using our new Conference Booking System