Later this month, we will be asking parents to attend conferences with their child(ren). This is an excellent opportunity to talk to the teacher about your child’s progress and expectations you have for the school year. This meeting is very important, and we take several steps to accommodate all families. One way we do this is to schedule families that have several children attending our school in back-to-back meetings. This makes it much easier for families with several students at Eyre to set aside this time. If, after receiving your conference time slip, you find that time unworkable, please send the slip back to school quickly so that we can re-schedule your meeting at a better time. If you are unable to make the appointment altogether, please call the school and arrange a phone meeting. Conferences are very important for the educational success of your child. Here are some conference tips from teachers and parents:

Before the conference try to:

  • ŸTalk with your child. Ask what is going well in class and what he or she could be better.
  • ŸReview your child’s homework to determine where academic strengths and possible weaknesses lie.
  • Write down your questions and what you want to discuss with the teacher.

During the conference:

  • ŸLet the teacher know that you are eager to listen and that you would like some time for the teacher to listen to you.
  • Take notes. That will make it easier to remember the information later.
  • Ask for specific advice on how you can help your child in each of the subjects he or she is taking.

We look forward to seeing you at parent-teacher conferences!

Remember that formal conferences are just one way to be involved in your child’s school success. Volunteering in class, helping out at school events and making appointments to chat with the teacher throughout the year also are winning strategies.