To book your conference follow these steps and use the form below or use this link Eyre Elementary School ( to access the form.

Book Conference (One booking per child)

  1. Scroll down the list and select your child’s teacher.
  2. Select the conference date you would like: Wednesday, Oct, 26 or Thursday, Oct. 27
  3. Select the time*
  4. Enter Your Information:
  5. Your Name (required)
  6. Email (required) You will receive email confirmation
  7. Phone
  8. Student Name
  9. Select “Book”

Repeat for each child.


* If you have more than one child, look for available adjoining times before booking.

* Sign up early.

* Schedule conference times during the day if possible. Save evening times for working families

* If you have problems using on-line sign up, call the school for help.

Once you have added all children, you are done! See you at conferences.