Our goal is to teach kids to become independent problem solvers. Help your child develop a self-improving system.

Here are some suggestions:

  1. When they get stuck … don’t tell him/her the word but, ask what makes sense?
  2. Let them re-read the sentence, sound out the first letter of the tricky word.
  3. Slide your finger under the word and put the letter sounds together.
  4. After the word is worked out, re-read the sentence with the correct word for fluency.
  5. Be patient, you and your child will feel great about reading if you respond to errors in a positive way.
  6. Build confidence… When correcting an error you might say… “That makes sense, but…” or “you are close, but…”
  7. When they say “I don’t know”… respond by saying “Let me show you how YOU can work this out”.

Reading is a skill will all build on, and we improve with practice. Allow your child to re-read a familiar book to develop new strategies and bring meaning into their reading. And remember to always make it fun and relaxing!