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Parent Club

Happy dad holds giggling kid with a soccer ball.

Parent Survey

At Mary Eyre, we believe all families are valuable members of the school community. We not only need, but also value your opinions and suggestions regarding your child’s education. We utilize your input in moving our school forward and setting goals that benefit the entire student body. Parent involvement is a critical part of student success, and parents play a huge role in the climate and community of our education system.
Very soon, we will be asking parents to complete a parent Involvement survey.

The goal of the survey is to:

  • Remove barriers and encourage parental involvement
  • Implement ways in which parents can support their child’s learning
  • Establish shared responsibilities among parents, students, and school staff
  • Increase understanding of District Programs

The school has a responsibility to provide high quality curriculum and instruction in a supportive and effective learning environment in order for students to meet state standards. The only way we can achieve this lofty goal is working together and reviewing what is working and where we can do better. Thus, communication between the school and parents is a critical piece of the puzzle.
In the coming months we will be sending out a parent survey. This survey will give all Mary Eyre parents the opportunity to voice, what issues they feel would be important in goal setting for the upcoming year. We strongly encourage all parents to take a moment and complete the survey when you receive it.

Don’t Steal from Your Kids by Giving Them too Much

I know a loving mom who does just about everything to make sure her kids are happy every second of the day. If there isn’t the type of food they like in the fridge, she runs to the store to buy it. Whenever the newest electronic device comes out, she makes sure they’re the first to own it. Of course, she refrains from requiring any chores out of them, because she knows they work hard at school. Besides, it upsets them when she asks them to help.

Unfortunately, and unintentionally, mom is stealing from her children. They are two of the most miserable human beings on earth. They walk around; actually they sit around most of the time, with scowls on their faces. Because mom has stolen their self-esteem and gotten them hooked on stuff, nothing seems to bring happiness or contentment. Everything is “stupid” or “boring.”

When we train our kids to believe that getting stuff is the key to happiness, might we be stealing their lifelong joy and sense of fulfillment? In our CD,From Innocence to Entitlement, we teach that true contentment comes from earning things rather than being showered with them.

To protect your children from this type of insidious theft, experiment with the following:

  • The next time your child wants something, ask, “How do you think you might earn that?
  • Instead of taking on the problem of affording the item, say, “You may have that as soon as you can afford it.”
  • Give them some ideas about how they might earn the required cash, and give yourself a pat on the back for not giving in.
  • Notice how proud they are when they earn things through good old-fashioned perspiration.

Tips on Reading at Home

Our goal is to teach kids to become independent problem solvers. Help your child develop a self-improving system.

Here are some suggestions:

  1. When they get stuck … don’t tell him/her the word but, ask what makes sense?
  2. Let them re-read the sentence, sound out the first letter of the tricky word.
  3. Slide your finger under the word and put the letter sounds together.
  4. After the word is worked out, re-read the sentence with the correct word for fluency.
  5. Be patient, you and your child will feel great about reading if you respond to errors in a positive way.
  6. Build confidence… When correcting an error you might say… “That makes sense, but…” or “you are close, but…”
  7. When they say “I don’t know”… respond by saying “Let me show you how YOU can work this out.”

Reading is a skill will all build on, and we improve with practice. Allow your child to re-read a familiar book to develop new strategies and bring meaning into their reading. And remember to always make it fun and relaxing!

Parent Check Out

Parents, we have a parent library that you can check out from. We have parenting books on subjects such as: Love and Logic, autism, preparing for adolescence, and being a single parent.

Children enjoy reading with their parents. Modeling what you read to your child is a great way to motivate daily reading. You may also check out books from our main library to read with your child at home. The best time for parents to check out books is immediately after school.


Parent volunteers who assist with our school staff are greatly appreciated. If you would like to volunteer, there are several areas where you are needed. Some jobs are weekly, while other jobs are for a single day. Volunteering in school can be very rewarding and is a great asset to T.E.A.M. Eyre!

The School District requires all volunteers who work with children in our public schools to complete a criminal history background form. If you have not completed a background form or it has expired (background checks are good for about 2-3 years), please request a form from the school office. All background information is kept confidential.

If you need assistance with this process, or have any questions, please call the main office at 503-399-3311 we would be glad to help.

Want to Volunteer?

  Learn more here

State Testing Updates

House Bill 2655 permits parents to annually opt-out their children from Oregon’s statewide tests in by submitting an “Opt-out” form to the school office. The school shall provide any student who is exempted from a state test with supervised study time while other students are testing.
If you have questions about this option, please come into the school and speak with the principal. These tests are important as they help teachers track student academic progress and provide feedback as to areas where additional support may be needed.

Seek Help

If your child has a problem at school, give us a call. We have lots of helpful staff including our counselor, Jeff Peitz, and our behavior specialist, Stephanie Taylor. Parents of successful students work with the school to solve school-related issues. Of course teachers are also available to help. You can meet with them in the morning, before class begins, or after school.

Stay involved

Parents need to stay involved in middle and high school when peer pressure mounts dramatically – and peer pressure is powerful. National studies show that parent influence still usually outweighs peer pressure at this age.

For additional ideas on how to help your child succeed in school, contact your child’s teacher or visit these web sites:
U.S. Dept. of Education

After School Pick-Up

We have been having some problems with middle school children disrupting instruction in the afternoon. If your older child is picking up your Eyre student, please remind them that they need to follow our school rules and obey staff requests. Older siblings not following rules may be banned from our campus.

Parent Club

At the last Parent Club meeting, we talked about educational websites children can visit. Here are the links and the passwords to log onto the sites.

World Book
Login ID: salkeiz salemkeizer

Password: media salem

Please click onto the Library Media option in the menu and use the login/passwords provided above.

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